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As we all begin to welcome what appears to be an early spring I want to update our customers in Old Town, Orono, Milford and Bradley on our utilitys capital improvement plans taking place during the summer of 2016. These projects are recommended improvements as detailed in the Old Town Water Districts Comprehensive Plan prepared in 2014.

In Milford, Old Town Water District will be working with the Town of Milford and the Maine Department of Transportation on the Route 2 Main Road reconstruction project. There has been much discussion about this project for some time and it appears it will get started this year with an anticipated start date of May 1st. Work will begin at the intersection of Route 2 and 178 and continue 4,200 feet northeasterly on Route 2. After a competitive bidding process the MDOT has selected T-Buck Construction Inc. of Turner, Maine to be the general contractor for the project. Old Town Water Districts focus in this undertaking will be the elimination of a 6-inch water main that was installed in 1891 and moving the water services and fire hydrants to the existing 12-inch water main on the opposite side of the road. Watermains from the various side streets will also be connected to the existing 12-inch main. The District is also working with the Town of Milford in an effort to complete Phase 2 and 3 of the Call Road water main replacement project. Phase 1 of Call Road took place in 2015 which saw approximately 1,100 feet of new 8-inch watermain installed. A little over 2,100 of new 8-inch watermain would be installed to upgrade the existing 6-inch watermain that was installed in 1920.

In Old Town the District is working in conjunction with the Maine Department of Transportation on the rehabilitation of the Stillwater Bridge. The District will need to move its water main which is suspended from the bridge to accommodate the rehabilitation project. Engineering and design of the project is expected to be completed this year with construction starting in 2018. The District is also coordinating efforts with the City of Old Town on a water main replacement project on Elm Street. Whereas the city will be conducting a sewer rehabilitation project in the Elm Street area our utility will replace 800 feet of 6-inch watermain at the same time. This watermain, installed in the early 1900s, will be upgraded in size to 8-inch.

There are no capital improvement projects slated to be performed in Bradley in 2016. Last years watermain project on Route 178 on the Main Road in Bradley in which 5,535 of new watermain was installed will see additional cleanup in that project area. Loaming and seeding will take place during late spring as well as any other cleanup needed.

All of this shapes up to be a very busy summer for your dedicated water professionals. These folks make sure you, our customers, are supplied with a safe and reliable source of water 24 hours a day 365 days of the year. Check our website at www.oldtownwater.org to learn more about your water utility!